Reel Screamin Barra Fishing Charters Darwin

Reel Screamin Barra Fishing Charters Darwin offers both One Day Fishing Charters and Extended Fishing Safaris throughout the year.  Specialising in Barra Fishing Charters, we also offer Coastal and Harbour/Bay Fishing Charters including Catch a Crab Tours.

Having started Reel Screamin Barra Fishing over 12 years ago, we have built a reputation of offering premier Fishing Charters throughout the Top End. Whether it be a day on the billabong, trolling for barra or saratoga, with a backdrop of the Top End's birdlife, or a coastal Fishing Safari, we take great pride in offering our clients a memorable NT experience, not only with fishing but everything that is the Top End.

Group Fishing charters are run with up to four per boat, ensuring all anglers are looked after accordingly. Beginners will be taught all aspects of fishing, and for experienced anglers, you will gain tips and techniques used in the Top End for a better fishing experience. Also, while on tour, anglers will learn more about the environment they are fishing on board with a knowledgeable and professional guide.

When you are looking for your next Darwin Fishing Charter, call Reel Screamin as you will be speaking directly to Jarrod and Ursula, no middleman or booking agents to take your call and put you with the next available Charter. We will ensure your fishing charter is tailored to your requirements and advise on what type of fishing is best at the time of year.

Barra Fishing Charters

Darwin Barra Fishing Charters

We offer Half, Full and Extended Barra charters,  on billabongs, in tidal rivers or one of the Top End's many Harbours, Arms and Bays.

Depending on the season you will be chasing metre barra up a coastal Creek at Shady Camp, catching small barra on light gear in a billabong, sight casting along the mudflats along the coast or trolling for barra at one of the river mouths.

Mud Crab Tours

Cook your Catch Crab Tours

Within minutes of Darwin City, you can be launched and on your way to catch a NT mudcrab, the best crab in Australia! Well we think so.

These half day tours are a fun way to spend a bit of time on the water experiencing one of the Top End's favourite pass times.

Coastal Charters

Darwin Fishing Charters

Head off down the track to one of the many coastal areas of the Top End chasing bluewater sportfish including queenfish, GTs, Jewfish and Mackeral.

We offer half day harbour and Bay Coastal Charters and Full and extended Charters for areas further out of Darwin.