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February 4, 2018
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We have seen some big falls over the whole of the Top End.  With most of our waterways already full from the last wet, everything is flooding. With two wets in a row, 2017 and 2018, we have not seen in more than 10 years. We are very excited about the upcoming Runoff. It will be cracking year for the barra and for the clients.

Shady Camp Runoff Barra Fishing Charters run from March to early May each year.  We base ourselves at Shady Camp at this time. It fishes well for barra and you are able to access many of the coastal creeks including Marsh, Love, Swim and Carmor Creeks.  You also have access to the mouth of the Mary River including Sampan and Tommy Cut.

We offer customised Fishing Charters, taking groups of up to 4 per boat.  If you have a larger or corporate Group, no worries, we are able to organise a group of other guides to join your charter. If you are single or a double, we will try and put you on a charter with similar anglers, so you are ensured to enjoy your charter.

When you book with Reel Screamin, you are booking directly with the Owners and Operators. Run as a family business, you will talk to Ursula about what you are looking for in your fishing charter, your fishing ability and style and she will match you up with an appropriate tide and time. You will also be able to talk to Jarrod, to ask any questions about the fishing.


We choose to stay at Point Stuart Lodge. Conveniently located 20km from Shady Camp Boat ramp, you will be on the water in no time. Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge has everything you need whilst on a Fishing Charter including:

  • airconditioned, ensuite motel style rooms;
  • a swimming pool to relax after a days fishing;
  • a bar/ bistro for you to relax and have meals; and
  • Telstra mobile phone reception available in the bar.

The ensuite rooms are comfortable and being airconditioned, you will have a good night’s sleep to face the day’s fishing.  The swimming pool is a popular place in the afternoon’s after being on the water for the day.  A nice cool down, a cold beer and a recap of the day’s adventure with the other anglers that were on the water is always enjoyed by all.

You will enjoy a good selection of beers at the bar.  The menu has a wide selection of meals. You are also able to cook your catch of the day to your liking.  This is very popular among the anglers that are on our charters.

The Equipment


Our boat is a 6.4 metre Guide boat,  custom built here in the NT by CustomWorks for NT Waters. You will enjoy an uncluttered deck, to move around easily to fight your barra to the boat.  With a 90litre esky on board, you will be able to bring a few beers to enjoy whilst out on the water.


Our rods and reels are supplied by Shimano through Fishing and Outdoor World here in Darwin. We have a selection of Reels and Rods to suit all anglers and all fishing locations. We have a large variety of lures including Reidy’s, Classic and Bombers to target barra. All Lures and tackle are replaced on a regular basis to ensure you have the best tackle whilst fishing.

The Fishing

The tide determines the style of fishing you will be doing during the runoff. Typically, on neep tides you will be trolling the river mouths, with some opportunities of casting.  You will find these tides are good for those who are not as experienced at angling.

On the Spring tides, which can vary up to 7 metres in the day, is where we fish the coast.  You will be in one of the coastal creeks, for example Marsh Creek, casting into snags or at the entrance of creeks and gutters at barra that are waiting for the bait fish to come off the plains.

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