Fishing in the NT

The NT has four distinct seasons being the “Runoff”, “Dry”, “Buildup” and the “Wet”. Where we fish and the fish we target is determined by the season. Each season offers an NT Fishing Safari to remember.

The Runoff

The “Runoff” runs after the wet from the end of February through to the end of April, sometimes running into May depending on the wet season. During this time based at Shady Camp for our Barra Fishing Charters. Extended tours are highly recommended at this time  of year to enable you the best chance to catch a big barra, however we do offer one day fishing charters ex Darwin during this time, pending weather conditions. This is the time we target the metre + Barra. You will also encounter threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon and Jewfish to name a few.

The Dry Season

Following the “Runoff” the “Dry” sets in for the next few months, from May through to the end of July. We offer both One Day Fishing Tours and Extended Fishing Safaris

Day Safaris to the billabongs are popular with the tourists. Here you get the chance to not only wet a line and catch an NT barramundi, but view all the wild and birdlife that congregate to the billabongs as the floods recede.

The Bluewater fishing starts to fire up and we offer day and extended Fishing Safaris for both Barra and Bluewater depending on tides. Fishing spots include Dundee Beach, Vernon Islands and the various spots around Darwin Harbour.

The Buildup

As the Dry disappears and the humidity starts to set in once again, we call this the “Buildup”, from August through to the end of November. This is when the big girls (barra) come back on the bite. If you missed the runoff, you have another chance to try and hook a big barra. The Coastal fishing is also very good during the “Buildup” with plenty of surface and reef fishing available.

One Day fishing Tours and Extended Safaris are offered during the buildup with the three day extended tour being one of our most popular, it gives you a chance to get a good fish in for both Barra and Bluewater species.

The Wet

The Buildup leads into the “Wet” late November early December until the end of February. If you are in Darwin and depending on the weather conditions, offer One Day Fishing Charters targeting either Barra or Bluewater species.