One Day Barra Fishing Charters

One Day Barra Fishing Charters run throughout the year. Both Freshwater and saltwater options are available.

Enjoy a day on one of the Top End’s waterways. Whether you are freshwater or Saltwater Barra Fishing, you will also enjoy the wildlife of the NT.  From the billabongs where the wildlife start to congregate as the waters dry up to cruising down a coastal river, enjoying a Brahminy Kite, cruising the river banks for a feed, a croc on the water’s edge or a white bellied sea eagles nest perched in the highest tree.

What to Expect

You will be picked up from your Darwin accommodation at approximately 5.00am for Billabong Charters and various times for salt water charters, as these are tide dependant.  From there you will head to your fishing destination. For early morning charters, if it is too early for you to have breakfast before you depart, Jarrod will stop at one of the Roadhouses to give you the opportunity to grab something to eat on the way.

Once on the water, Jarrod will give you a safety brief and rundown of the vessel and what to do in an emergency. You will then steam to your fishing destination, Jarrod will point out the various landscapes and wildlife as you go along.  When you reach or fishing destination, your gear will be rigged up and Jarrod will tutor you on how best to catch a barra. Fishing styles include casting and trolling, depending on your target species.  Whilst fishing, snacks and drinks are available including water, soft drinks, muffins, fruit and chips.

For lunch you will pull up in the shade of a tree or one of the beach umbrellas will be put up for clients comfort. Lunches  are either mixed wraps or meat and salad lunch packs.  We are able to cater for any dietary needs. You will get one more fishing session in before heading back to the boat ramp and heading back into town at 2.00pm then back to your accommodation.


  • Transfers in an accredited late model 4WD
  • Morning tea, lunch and light refreshments whilst on board. BYO
  • Lures and tackle
  • An experienced and friendly guide

Freshwater Barra Fishing Charters

Availability:     Mid May – End November

Locations:     Corroboree Billabong and Shady Camp


  • For Billabong Charters, arriving at day break when the Billabong is waking up is something not to be missed.  This is the time you will see the Nocturnal birds coming in to roost and the Day birds and crocodiles are starting to stir.  This is a great opportunity to get some photos of the wildlife.
  • After your day’s fishing on the water you will have the opportunity to stop at Corroboree Park Tavern

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Saltwater Barra Fishing Charters

Availability:    All year depending on tides and weather

Locations:     Shady Camp, Darwin Harbour, Shoal Bay, Bynoe Harbour, Dundee Beach, Leaders Creek


  • There are many birds dependant on our coastal and mangrove systems in the Top End whilst traveling down our coastal waterways you will have the opportunity to see some of these in their natural habitats. Brahminy Kites cruising the coast for food, Ospreys high above scanning for fish, crocodiles and maybe a turtle or dolphin in the water.

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